Guatemalan Culture in North Carolina

Guatemalan culture in North Carolina?   Yes!  Morganton, NC has a large Guatemalan population, and now anyone can experience it at Little Guatemala!  We roast Guatemalan coffee, craft bean-to-bar Guatemalan chocolate, host indoor soccer games and leagues, provide traditional Guatemalan crafts, and offer delicious Guatemalan street food.  We can ship our products anywhere in the United States, but if you happen to be in Morganton, visit our building for the soccer, craft market, and street food!  

What We Do

Guatemalan Coffee

It is our priority to bring you the best that Guatemalan coffee has to offer! Beans are sustainably sourced from the wide variety of growing regions in Guatemala. We roast in small batches to ship out and serve only the freshest products to our clients. The beans are for purchase in 16oz and 8oz bags.

If you are in or near Morganton, we would be glad to cater your events with our one of a kind coffee cart or insulated dispensers.

Guatemalan Chocolate

Cacao has played an integral role in the history of Guatemala and remains an important export to this day. We receive the cacao after it has been fermented and dried in Guatemala. Here, we roast, crack, winnow (separate out the husks), grind, temper, and mold those beans into delectable chocolate bars for you to enjoy! Currently, we offer three completely organic 2 oz bars:
- 70% Dark Chocolate - Milk Chocolate - White Chocolate
We also do seasonal treats like turtles, truffles, and barks! Keep your eyes open for more specialty chocolates!

Traditional Crafts

Walking through a Guatemalan craft market is breathtaking. Colors and patterns fill each beautiful weaving, painting, and piece of pottery or jewelry. Our selection of crafts varies, so you can always find something new!

All of our products are either purchased through Fair Trade organizations with co-ops in Guatemala, directly from artisans on our trips to Guatemala, or from local Guatemalan artists or their families.

Indoor Soccer

Soccer in any form is popular in Guatemala, and the quick-paced games offered on smaller fields are one of the most sought-after versions! We are so thrilled to offer a space for our community to enjoy this high-energy game. The field is the size of an elementary school basketball court (around 70ft x 40ft), covered in turf, and lined appropriately, including out-of-bounds.

Initially, guests will be able to rent time slots for practices and pick-up games, but we plan on expanding our offerings to leagues, tournaments, afterschool programs, and summer camps.

The field will be open Monday - Friday 5 - 10pm, Saturday 10am - 10pm, and closed on Sunday.

Happy Customers

Amazing coffee!!!!!! Amazing owners as well, such a blessing to the Morganton community!
Keely Derryberry Pritchard
Best coffee hands down! It’s one of the only coffees I can drink without any creamer or milk, it’s that good!
Mandy Huffman Nix
Todo lo hacen con amor y excelencia!!
Paola Cruz de Villatoro