Guatemalan Coffee is Where it's At!

Are you looking for high quality coffee?  Look no farther than Guatemala!  That’s right – Guatemala it is ranked first in the world for the percentage of its coffee qualified as high-quality!  What about variety of flavor notes – does that appeal to your taste buds?  Guatemalan coffee has you covered there too!   Even within a country around the size of Ohio, there are eight very distinct growing regions that provide a diverse selection of flavors.  The altitude, rainfall, surrounding flora and fauna, temperature, and soil composition are all factors in the end result.  Below, you can find descriptions of the three growing regions, Antigua, Huehuetenango, and San Marcos in Guatemala  where we source our Guatemalan green coffee beans.  We are experimenting with even more regions and blends too!

High quality, uniquely flavored beans are the first step in the process of a great cup of Guatemalan coffee, but the roasting process can make or break your end result!  That’s why we roast in house, frequently and in small batches, ensuring that our clients have the absolute freshest Guatemalan coffee possible!  Coffee roasting has been a part of our family since our first year of marriage (about 10 years ago), and it is such a joy for us to be able to share that passion with others.  Christian is certified as a coffee roaster by Anacafe, the national coffee roasting association of Guatemala, which means he is not only capable in the roasting process but also familiar with the nuances found in Guatemalan coffee beans.  He has also been trained according to the SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) standards as well.

Little Guatemala coffee can be purchased in 8 oz, 16 oz, and even 5lb bags and received either whole bean or ground.  Special orders for 2oz bags can be made as well.  You can purchase the bags online (we are happy to work out local pick ups/drop offs) or at several stores around Morganton, NC.  The stores currently selling bags of Little Guatemala coffee are: Food Matters (Morganton and Brevard), Morganton General Store, and Lake James State Park, and restaurants that brew our coffee include: The Grind Cafe, Swede’s Cafe, Overmountain Cycles, and Camp Grier.  

One of the most fun locations to purchase our coffee is at the Morganton Farmers Market located at 300 Beach St. behind Maria’s Restaurant in downtown Morganton.  We love engaging the community through that venue – please stop by to see us!

And NOW – just come on over to the Little Guatemala brick-n-mortar place that is OPEN for business if you are looking for any coffee bags or drinks!

Guatemalan Coffee Growing Regions

Growing Region: Huehuetenango

Tradition meets technology!  Most of the coffee in Huehuetenango is produced on small coffee farms by families that have worked in this business for generations.  Many traditional practices remain, but the farmers have also embraced technologies that improve the quality of their product, a combination that produces an exceptional coffee!

  • Setting: Very rural and remote villages, mountainous and lush vegetation, high altitude (~6,500 ft), limestone soil
  • Climate: mild temperatures, low rainfall
  • Texture: Clean, bright cup, light body
  • Notes: Chocolate, sweet, nutty (in dark roast)
huehuetenango coffee farmers
The family living on the coffee plantation in Huehuetenango. Photo: Jesse Barber
antigua street and volcano
The streets of Antigua, Guatemala where this coffee is grown.

Growing Region: Antigua 

The farm where we source our Antigua beans has a long history of taking care of its product, workers, and the environment.  They have many programs for housing, education, healthcare, and more for the workers, and take measures such as recycling pulp to sustain their agricultural practices.  It is a pleasure to work with them.

  • Setting: Spanish colonial city with cobblestone streets and surrounding farms, altitude of ~ 5,600 ft, volcanic soil with pumice
  • Climate: Low moisture, sun exposure, mild temperatures in general with cool nights

  • Texture: well-balanced cup with a sweet taste. 
  • Notes: honeycomb, yellow apple, dried apricot (in medium roast)

Coffee Catering

Need something fun for your next event or meeting?  One of our coffee catering options may be just the right fit!  We can bring Guatemalan coffee goodness to you in insulated dispensers, set up coffee service at a table inside, or arrive in one of our two coffee carts for a full service coffee bar experience!  Contact us for pricing based on the service desired, amount of participants, and time frame.  

  • Insulated dispensersWe can bring 5 gallon, 2.5 gallon, or small airpots of coffee, apple cider, or hot chocolate to your location!  This service includes all disposable items, creamers, and sugar.
  • Table set up:  This is the service for you if are looking for an inside espresso coffee bar!  We can bring all of the machinery and barista(s) to cater your inside event, large or small.
  • Mobile Coffee Cart: For an outdoor event (or an event with large doors!), we would be more than happy to bring our one of a kind coffee carts to your service.  Christian made the umbrella cart from scratch and the larger cart from an old horse trailer!