Little Guatemala is a family business that shares Guatemalan culture in Morganton, North Carolina and serves as a bridge among neighbors in a diverse community.  The population of Morganton has seen an influx in migrants over the past decades, including a significant number Guatemalans (around 20% of total population).  This gives us a wonderful uniqueness as a community, and opportunities, but there are also many cultural barriers.  

Christian and Erica Ramazzini have a bit of a start at overcoming some of those barriers in their marriage since they come from different cultures, and it is their desire that Little Guatemala will provide a place for others to make and build new friendships that may have been difficult otherwise.  

The areas of Guatemalan culture that we will be sharing are natural connection-builders: coffee, chocolate, soccer, street food, and crafts.  Get a unique craft and connect with the local Guatemalan artist.  Join in pick-up games or soccer leagues to play side-by-side with others.  Enjoy a coffee together afterwards!  Walk down our inside “street” of local Guatemalan food vendors to get a delicious meal and engage the cook!  This is going to be fun, y’all!

The building that we have been renovating is finally OPEN (only took us 3 years!), so please come visit us anytime!  And there is still a lot to look forward to!  Think coffee and chocolate museum, upstairs balcony and event space, cultural events, a park out back, and classes to help the community serve each other better!  

father and son at the coffee farm

Christian Ramazzini


Born and raised in Guatemala, Christian has a passion for sharing his culture and serving as a bridge in the community of Morganton, NC.  Formerly, he did this in the role of Director of the NC Farmworkers Health Program at the Good Samaritan Clinic.  He does everything from roasting the coffee to all of the renovations on the building, and loves it, especially with the family by his side.

craft market in guatemala

Erica Ramazzini


Erica fell in love with Guatemala, and with Christian ;), when she lived in Guatemala for two years, working with the International Justice Mission.  Since living in Morganton, she has served as a language and literacy instructor in various capacities.  She now enjoys staying at home, and homeschooling our 5 kids.