70% Dark Chocolate Bar


A 70% dark bean-to-bar chocolate made from Guatemalan cacao and organic cane sugar


Not just another chocolate bar!  We keep it simple – just two ingredients – cacao and organic cane sugar.  But in keeping it simple, the unique flavor nuances of the bean can really be experienced, and it is so fun!  The chocolate is made in house, starting from the cacao beans and ending up with a smooth 2 oz bar.

These particular cacao beans come from the lush forested area of the state of Alta Verapaz in Guatemala, and when enjoying the chocolate, you will even be able to sense a fruitiness (plum/apricot) to it.  It is more subtle, but some even say they sense a caramel flavor at the end.

A note on the wrapper:  In the countryside of Guatemala, colorful weavings are displayed in the traditional clothing.  Each region has its own pattern, and the pattern on the cover of our chocolate bar shows the pattern from Aguacatan, the town where many of the Guatemalans living in Morganton have come from.  Our family visited Aguacatan and spent a wonderful time with the family of some of our friends from Morganton.  This picture is of our friend’s mother.  (Photo cred: Jesse Barber)