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A monthly subscription for a delicious dark roast with a chocolatey finish.

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From the small family-run coffee farms in the remote areas of Huehuetenango, this coffee offers a truly unique flavor profile from a truly unique region.  The farmers are of traditional Mayan background and have worked on these farms for generations.  Look for flavor notes of strawberry and a smooth chocolatey finish in this dark roast.  Yum!!!  It is a strictly hard bean (SHB), meaning that since it is grown above 4,500 ft above sea level, the bean matures slowly and become dense.  These beans offer consistency and more pronounced flavors than beans grown in lower elevations.  You can expect a clean, bright cup.  Enjoy!

This coffee is dear to our hearts.  Our family has walked through the plantation, met with the farmers, and picked the coffee with our very own hands.

Please let us know if we can grind the beans for you!

Skip the hassle of reordering by signing up for a subscription – or subscribe to more than one bag a month for a discount (you can go in together with friends!).  The subscriptions are sent out on the 1st Monday of every month.

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1 (15.50/bag), 2 (14.50/bag), 3 (13.50/bag), 4 (12.50/bag)

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Whole Bean, Auto-drip, Espresso