The Blue Q




Guatemalan author Dennis Avelar has written a book featuring characters and places from Guatemala!

“The Earth itself is truly a remarkable place. It flows with life in every direction, and no one appreciates the joys of being alive more than Dionisio Sedano – a teenage orphan whose greatest passions include his love of learning, his desire to experience every adventure the world has to offer, and the never-ending wonders found in the Land of Eternal Spring. But the natural balance of the world is in peril. The beings responsible for the wellness of our planet were forced to follow the selfish desires of a single, powerful leader, who is willing to once again destroy it all in order to restore that which was taken from the natural ecosystem. What flies between success and failure is a resplendent bird, who may be the Earth’s final chance of victory in the greatest ever battle between the Alpha and the Omega.

We also have this book in Spanish, so please let us know in the notes if you would like the Spanish version! Thanks!