The Magical Skies of Sumpango


A beautiful children’s book describing the giant kite festival in Sumpango, Guatemala – creatively written and stunningly illustrated!



This children’s book is an excellent introduction to many aspects of Guatemalan culture.  We love it even more because the couple behind this book has strong ties to Morganton, NC!  Mr. Wayne Pitts grew up here, and now he and his wife, Kim, live in Guatemala and run Vista Tranquila, a publishing company “dedicated to publishing quality bilingual children’s books that inspire curiosity by emphasizing creativity and cultural awareness.”

Short summary of book:  Each year on November 1, the Guatemalan town of Sumpango hosts a Giant Kite Festival. Through the Magical Skies of Sumpango, a bilingual, English and Spanish book, readers are introduced to the colorful tradition of barriletes, or giant kites. The cultural significance of the All Saint’s Day festival is told through the story of Maya, a young girl who is coming to terms with the death of her grandmother.